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  •  06/06/2018

    Mon nom est rita
    J'ai vu ton profil aujourd'hui sur ce site et j'aime ton profil et t'intéresses à te connaître,
    mon cher me contacter via mon adresse e-mail
    donc je
    vous enverra mes photos et vous en dira plus sur moi
    pour les affaires

  •  04/04/2018

    Hallo mein Lieber
    Mein Name ist Nancy Ich möchte, dass wir gute Freunde sind Ich möchte, dass wir privat sprechen Dies ist meine private E-Mail ( für mich, damit ich dir meine Bilder und Details über mich geben kann, weil ich nicht immer online bin , Vielen Dank.

    Hello dear
    My name is Nancy I would like us to be good friends  i want us to talk in private  this is my private email ( ) for me to give you my pictures and details about me because I'm not always online here, thanks.

  •  07/09/2017

    My name is violet, I saw your profile today and i will be very happy
    if you contact me directly at my mailbox
    For some important reason, so we can know each other better okay?
    Thank you

  •  25/06/2017

    Oh don't be :p

  • Junkheadz

    Junkheadz  22/06/2017

    that´d be legitimately the very first time someone drew me. i´m scared... :`D

  •  22/06/2017

    I really like this picture. I might draw it, actually.

  • Junkheadz

    Junkheadz  11/01/2017

    :`D you sure you dont just wanna scam me?

  • Mrs-Laura38

    Mrs-Laura38  11/01/2017

    Hello dear
    I am Mrs Laura
    I have very impotent Issue to discuss with you, You can write me here through my Id, ( and i will immediately get back to you, Thanks and i shall for your responds.
    Mrs Laura

  •  30/09/2016

    hello my dear my name is benita and my email is ( please try to contact me in my email address inbox i have very important issue to share with you.