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So much emptiness. 06/12/2016

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Listen to the well,
Listen to the ground,
I just wanna fade under the sound.

By myself, alone I stand. 08/05/2018

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This week I stumbled upon some super old videos of me and my friends from the 2000´s. Since it´s been a lot of fun re-visiting these old times, I thought I´d share one of the songs that reminds me a lot of these years.
ps.: despite the title, this is not actually a live recording of the song.

creamy beaver, hotter than a fever. 21/02/2018

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this reminds me so much of about 10 years ago... good times!

you´re with me, mary-jane. 19/08/2017

you´re with me, mary-jane.

Life´s a bitch and then you die.
That´s why we get high,
cause you never know
when you´re gonna go.